PixelRage: Crysis single player demo impressions

PixelRage believe that it's only normal to have higher expectations from this game after 3 and a half years from the release of farcry and after playing many other games released in the meantime.
And if the graphics still deceive you, please set the game on medium details so you can initiate "maximum deja-vu".

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hasneken4871d ago

farcry 2.0
same story line..

Rooted_Dust4871d ago

He gives no supporting information to back up his conclusions. Also this is an amateur site, which is apparent from the review. PC Gamer has reviewed the actual game, not the demo, and given it a 98% and they're are one of my most trusted sources for PC game reviews.

hasneken4871d ago

have u played farcry? it`s the same game one suck ure PC more..

Rooted_Dust4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

Yes, I own Far Cry and I loved it. It was exceptionally good for a company's first game. When it released it was 2nd best to Half Life 2 and better than Doom 3 in my opinion. Also the story line in Crysis is nothing like that of Far Cry. In Far Cry your opponents were mercenaries and genetically created monsters and super soldiers. In Crysis you're fighting the Korean military and an invading species of aliens, also Crysis is designed to go on as a possible trilogy, where Far Cry 2 has almost nothing to do with the original game.

"this one suck ure PC more"....WTF does that even mean? Is English your first language?

Kleptic4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

I got about 15 minutes with the demo this morning at a friend's before work...a somewhat seasoned rig, capable of maxing out Bioshock...Vista, 2 gigs of ram (probably the main problem), dual core Pentium extreme or w/e, and an 8800 gtx...

it barely ran on "high" settings...probably 25fps just roaming...medium detail was acceptable almost all the time...but medium created a hit to the graphics I really wasn't expecting...shadowing was there, but the ground textures and walls didn't seem any more impressive than oblivion...the amount of foliage is great...and omg the draw distance...but I think I fell into the category of putting this game so high visually that it would be is the case with max detail...but on really is Far Cry: the lost episode...

but how does this DX10 stuff work?...are DX10 features only implemented on the highest detail setting?...comparing screen shots with his, we were seemingly not getting any of the DX10 goodness on medium settings...that may be obvious, but we were in a rush to see it before had to may have been in the settings and we just over looked it...

but Vista is such a hog...and this game is such a truely is frustrating...this reminds me of when Doom 3 released, except that that game would run on relatively old machines...and still look fantastic (the game was poop though)...Crysis is doing the exact same thing imo...pushing gfx to the absolute top...and nothing else...except not playing well on all but the craziest of PCs...CoD 4 beta wasn't even close to blown away by Crysis on medium (in fact the opposite might be true)...but I may be missing something rather important in the settings...

EDIT: I guess...he was having driver issues last week, with the UT3 demo...and rolled it back for the maybe it was only that also...he hadn't defragged in a few months also, but we didnt' have time for that mess...just wanted to get some eye candy in early...

but you were fine with just 2 gigs of ram and Vista?...I thought the requirement for vista was 1.5 gigs...let alone what was recommended...could be wrong though...So what we saw though was without DX10?...makes really wasn't that jaw dropping at all...resolution was at 1600 X 1200 (cruddy 4:3 LCD) and 2xAA...ran fine...just didn't look the part... also I forget his clock speed on the may have been an early dual core...could be like 2.0ghz even...if thats the case that is most likely the problem...he overclocked it, but even that would only bring it up to 2.1 or 2.2...the fan was buzzing big time the entire demo, so it was definitely getting a work out...

mighty_douche4871d ago (Edited 4871d ago )

your mate needs to sort his pc out, i have same specs except i have a Q6600 OCed @ 2.7 and i could run it at 1650x1080 all high, except texture on Very high with 2AA and it ran well 'ok'. sounds like somethings up with his pc!

oh and your dx10 question, the 'very high' settings are where all the dx10 fancy features come into play!