Kotaku :Prey 2 Steeps in ‘Alien Noir’ Visuals and Red Dead Redemption Gameplay

Kotaku writes:

"I don't need to know how they tie this blending of Red Dead Redemption and Blade Runner into the original Prey, (you're an air marshal on a plane spotted in just a few minutes of the original game). I don't need to have new catchy phrases like alien noir paraded out to sell me on it. All I need to know is that you're a human bad ass taking down alien bounties in an open world."

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kookie2706d ago

The graphics reminds of prey.

candystop2706d ago

I don't care how different it is from the first. This Skyrim, Gears 3 and Last Guardian are my most anticipated games this generation. Loved the 1st Prey

TheBand1t2706d ago

yea it's pretty wild he's excited to play the sequel game in a series he likes

LeftPawedFox2706d ago

I think it looks pretty kick ass!