Lush Visuals In Ratchet PS3 Videos

CVG could write 300 words about how nice Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction looks, or they could just show you with these three videos.

The cool thing about Ratchet's new PS3 quest is that each level throws you into varying gameplay scenarios, adding variety to what would otherwise be a repetitive button basher.

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Lightning Mr Bubbles4876d ago

Very impressed, I hope all future PS3 titles, even the third party ones start looking and running this good.

kingofps34876d ago

Just picked up the game a few hours ago. Gonna jump right in soon. :)

PStriple7034876d ago

i still don't have this game....

Firewire4876d ago

You know when you go back to the fight arena for the second time, theres a door you have to use the "defuser" on, and use the marble to connect the electric panel so the charge gets to the end I can't do it. This one is incredibly hard compared to the other ones earlier.

I tried for 1/2hr last night couldn't crack it.

Anyone have any ideas?

Kyur4ThePain4876d ago

head back to the arena for the 2nd time.
When I get there and if I figure it out, I'll post here.
But with work, you might get through before I get time to do it.

Firewire4876d ago

Cool, thanks Kyur4ThePain! This one really has me stumped!

Vojkan4876d ago

there is walkthrough on

kiko894876d ago

hold the x button to keep the ball in place so it dont move and perhaps u should switch to analog. as i dont know ur specific problem this is all i can tell u.

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va_bank4876d ago

... all 6 Tachyon statues on that level? I found three and can't get through theother doors on the level - one needs all six statues, the other needs some thing "not found on this planet".

kiko894876d ago

they are all in the same area basically try looking on the island the fountain and on the path over the entrance. the other gadget is obviously on a different planet so wait a little while.

dfcm20034876d ago

2 that I thought was hard to find...

One is right on top of the gate/door you enter into the Park. Second is in the fountain. Its on top where the water is coming out....