Examiner: Mass Effect 3 - Cerberus Now Works With the Reapers

Examiner LA writes:

"From the early looks at Mass Effect 3, one could see that Shepard was combating Cerberus operatives. Well, we now know why: Cerberus is working with the Reapers. At this point, we can only surmise that they were just as deceived as Saren was in Mass Effect 1."

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TheDarkness2686d ago

Wow thanks for the spoilers

EvilDonkey2685d ago

That was what I was going to post lol

Solidus187-SCMilk2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

good thing my sheapard never liked the illusive man.

I always thought the reapers would get him or already did because he has to weird electronic eyes, easy prey for reapers.

I bet illusive man thinks he is the most special human but hes wrong, shepard will stab him in the face with his new blade weapon.

The_Ultimate_Guy2685d ago

I was thinking the same damn thing. They just let on a HUGE SPOILER right in the title. How did this get approved and what dumbass morons would allow this to get through?!?!?!

On a side note, the elusive mans eyes looked very similar to Saren's eyes leading me to believe that The elusive man was not all that he appeared to be....on the outside.

Nate-Dog2686d ago

Indeed, really appreaciate the spoilers especially when making such an effort to stay away from them. At least change the title and description so you don't spoil it for everyone else ffs.

theonlylolking2685d ago

You should have put spoilers in the title.

sonicsidewinder2685d ago

Spoiler Tags? Fucking Prick.

theEx1Le2685d ago

How the hell does this get approved with such a spoiler of a headline?

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The story is too old to be commented.