2K Games fires PR firm after it threatens press over Duke Nukem Forever reviews

XMNR: PR firm The Redner Group had some harsh words for game journalists and blogs that gave Duke Nukem Forever poor reviews. As a result, 2K Games has ended its relationship with the firm.

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ZombieAssassin2685d ago

Good for them I wouldn't want to associate myself with a firm that did such things either.

captain-obvious2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

2K is butt hurt over the reviews of the game that's for sure

but they just have to move on and try harder next time

tdrules2685d ago

2k are not butthurt, their PR company misrepresented them captain skimread

Paradicia2684d ago

captain-obvious... not so obvious :L

kramun2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Captain-obvious needs more brain cells, that much is obvious.

EDIT:Also, where did this 'butt hurt' crap come from? I see it all the time and it's a pretty retarded term to use.

EDIT2: No one uses that in real life do they?

'Oh, you are so butt hurt!'

captain-obvious2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

im sorry
i didn't pay attention while i read that
i take what i said back

HammockGames2684d ago

@ kramun

Agreed - "butt hurt" is probably the most overused term on N4G.

Judging by the frequency it's used, it would seem there's a lot of folks who've done prison time with poor soap handling skills.

palaeomerus2684d ago

When it started out 'butt hurt' implied someone was angry and bitter and lashing out helplessly like a child who had just been spanked. The sodomy connotation came along after people started saying 'raped' instead of defeated.

rob60212684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

It's Pretty obvious why these companies are now using 3rd party PR teams to market games - It's because the business they do is shady. They wine and dine journalists, at the same time scheme how to punish journalists that do not play nice. And once someone messes up they can point the finger and cut and run. 2K, NO you don't get off that easy.

darkequitus2684d ago


I'll give you credit for putting your hands up to a mistake. A rare thing on this site.

zag2684d ago

I don't think 2K are fussed about Duke.

It's was meant to be made by apodgee but they didn't because their boss messed around for 10+ years, saying all sorts of stuff in the meantime.

Then it got taken off them and the money ran out and Apodgee went bankrupt.

2K is just picking up the pieces and outputting something for those people who stuck around the 15 or so years it took for this to finally come out.

I don't even think 2K even care much for the duke game.

People have knocked it because they think it's been made for the whole 15 years and think it should be some crysis toppler game but it won't because it's probably only took a year to make it.

bumnut2684d ago

I can't believe you got disagrees for admitting you didn't read it properly and saying sorry.

nickjkl2684d ago


2k still did what the pr firm said they were going to do

and black listed eurogamer

WhittO2684d ago

Well...they do you people think they are happy with the reviews!? NO they are not, so some might even say they are "butt hurt" (stupid saying lol)

paintsville2684d ago

2K should fire the development team and the programmers first then worry about the PR. The game is bad PR all on it's own.

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SephirothX212684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I agree with the firm. How dare those sites have opinions. That game has been in development since before the first Duke game released and it gets 4 and 5s in reviews? Madness. Surely after all the years of blood sweat and tears, this game is true awesomeness. Nah forget what I said, it sucks.

awi59512684d ago

Its really time for the game industry to grow up! Companies have been doing this crap for years if your game sucks it sucks. Instead of attacking the reviewers how about you make a better game next time so they cant give you a low review.The movie industry learned this along time ago roger ebert can give movies low scores all day long hes not blacklisted for it. So these publishers and game makers need to change their ways and let reviewers do their jobs without threats of reprisal.

t0mmyb0y2684d ago

Just because a game (movie) gets a bad review, doesn't mean it's bad. Duke Forever is classic Duke and for that I give it 8. It is in no way innovative or inspiring, it is entertaining. Isn't that what we play games for? watch movies?

SephirothX212684d ago

I personally haven't played the game but Gamespot's review describes the game as being a first-person shooter with very little first person shooting but with long boring and tedious driving and platform sections. The game has an average of around 4.5 out of 10. I think I can safely assume it sucks from that information.

clarkdef2684d ago

Arghh you're just butt hurt man, take a look in the mirror' ya butt is hurting.

Everyone in here needs to pull their pants down and take a peak in the mirror.

SephirothX212684d ago

I'm butt hurt (stupid American saying) because Duke Nukem sucks? I couldn't care less. I've never played a Duke game and I never found the franchise appealing anyway.

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showtimefolks2684d ago

i say i am willing to pay $5. and it will be down to that 5-10 dollars range within few months.

do we expect any patch from gearbox to fix some obvious issues?

SephirothX212684d ago

A good patch would be one that wipes the game from existence.

showtimefolks2684d ago

lol gearbox president said that his studio wanted the same vision for DNF that the original studio had now that the game is out i am wondering if the original studio was on drugs

hopefully DN franchise which gearbox bought will make some great DN games in the future for next gen console in development cycle of 2 years if possible

i am still hoping for a patch since i will pick this up for cheap down the road when its in my price line of 5-10 dollars

FAGOL2685d ago

Wow that's just unprofessional. What was he thinking?

soundslike2684d ago

Its twitter, he wasn't.

Fuck social media. On one hand he gave up the rights to his opinions by posting it, on the other hand its not like nobody in PR has ever felt like that before, it just wasn't broadcasted to the world.

Its a pretty high hypocrisy when everyone knows game companies have withheld games from ranting reviewers before, yet it is their job as PR people to lie and butter up so its not made into an issue.

There are no winners here, the whole practice of PR is disgusting in itself, if people weren't retarded and the company was doing good work, they wouldn't be needed...

garos822684d ago

i agree, pour your heart into your work and the people will be talking about it for you in good light. no need for pr team.

having said that i havent played the game so cant really say if the pr company was right to say that in the first place

Adam21012684d ago

i played the game and i prefer playing the original really.. the reviews gave the game justice imo

viperman2402685d ago

Afraid of the truth were they? Why else would they have a reason to threaten.

See how gaming journalism is on the down slide.

Nicaragua2685d ago

i think you just totally missed the point

radphil2684d ago

A swing and a miss on your part viperman

rob60212684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Don't be naive people, you can bet your ass 2k let hired these guys with the intention they would push the boundaries of ethics. Do you guy remember the Strip joint converted into a press event for Duke Nukem? that was probably the Redner group's doing - of course approved by 2k. But when the sh*t hits the fan it's time to stop approving of their work. These groups are hired to raise meta critic scores unjustly. The point of this article is not a good one, its good that he missed it.

Cheeseknight282684d ago

There's a huge difference between using a strip joint to promote Duke Nukem, which makes perfect sense considering the game's content, and a PR company trying to strongarm reviewers who were doing their job. The group that 2K hired did their work and then tried to blackmail their clients. That goes against all practices of good business ethics.

2K should disassociate themselves from Redner. They are in the right here.

Garethvk2684d ago

I have dealt with both 2K and The Redner Group for years. They have always been ethical and great to work with for me. I am willing to believe it was a simple acting out of frustration.

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Charmers2685d ago

Some of the reviews have been downright nasty and hate filled about this game. I don't agree with a PR company threatening to with hold games from reviewers. However reviewers do have a responsibility to review games in a proper fashion and some of the reviews I have read about Duke Nukem actually disgusted me.

I am glad I didn't listen to the reviewers and went ahead and bought the game.

FragMnTagM2684d ago

I am glad I didn't listen to them either I am enjoying the game.

Bonobo123452684d ago

Well said, of course people are entitled to voice their opinions. But as a reviewer one should be civilized, You can give a game a terrible review but be civil about it at the same time, I've seen it so.

But through the anonymity of the web reviewers can be extra nasty, all for teh hitz..

shayol33t2684d ago

"Bad scores are fine," the company said. "Venom filled reviews...that's completely different."

The guy said it himself, there's a difference between saying something is 'shit' and constructive criticism.

Christopher2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Good on 2K. Now, all they need to do now is get a good development company to work on the franchise with a goal of making it relevant today rather than maintaining the clunky elements of FPSes from a century ago.

I do agree that a ton of game reviewers put more vitriol than necessary into reviews. But this isn't news anymore, just a sign of how far we've fallen that we consider certain people to be credible in the field of writing about games.