Grand Theft Auto 4 boxes are not the final

Here is an update on XboxFamily's "GTA IV Official Box Art In-Hand?" news:

Rockstar has contacted us and stated these boxes are simply place holders that people will start seeing at retailers. The email went on to say, "We have always kept the final art under wraps until shortly before the official launch of the game".

So while game fans will start seeing these boxes on store shelves, we're being told these are not officially the final designs we'll see on shelves. Honestly, it seemed like a good idea on Rockstar's part considering the obsession some people have with collecting. The good side is that it means Rockstar isn't out to just sell more copies. Maybe not good from a business sense.

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BubblesDAVERAGE4868d ago

you have to be some super loser to care about box art....

Kleptic4868d ago

duh! evreebody knowz the 360 will have betta boxart bigger pix meens mo claridy and who can deny the powa of green!!eleven

DwightOwen4868d ago

Shouldn't R* be putting ALL their resources into making the final game great rather than wasting time and money paying artists to design game boxes that will never see retail shelves?

green_ghost54868d ago

They didn't pay any artist to make that, all that is concept art that the team it self made. Why would they need to hire an artist? They have their own art team. It doesn't cost that much money to make a few of these anyway.

DwightOwen4868d ago

Where the hell did I say R* paid freelance artists to design these covers? I know they have their own design team! You think those artists work for R* for free? Everything costs money, including paying programmers, artists, voice actors, and publishing tens of thousands of copies of box art that will never be used to sell the game, which IS a waste of money.

And FYI, for every concept design that gets approved, on average there are 15 that don't. So yes, design costs a LOT of time and money.

God, learn to comprehend what you read.

Pain4868d ago

Great now i have to choose what box i want ; ;

Me> ill take the one with the chick on it please.
Female store clerk> hmm ok.. perv...
Me> well i am a lesbian inside u know.

And @2 lol that a joke? i likes the PS3 boxes the best cant wait till all boxes r like them nice and small.

Kleptic4868d ago

ha was a joke...

I miss PS1 jewel cases...PS3 cases are way better than regular BD fact I guess I like them more than regular DVD cases also...they feel sturdier, if that makes any sense...but I can't stand those thin BD and HD DVD things they have now...the plastic doesn't fit right on them, and you can't read them from across the room without binoculars...feck that, make BD cases just like the PS3 cases...

HeartlesskizZ4868d ago

it will be nice if they keep the same art as previews gta with bunch of mini pics on it =)

Wii60PS3DSPSP4868d ago

They are probally going to be lazy and put all those pictures onto one box instead of making new ones.

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