WII U GPU Could Support Up To Four Controllers

WII U is capable of streaming graphics up to four screens and could possibly support Shader Model 4.1

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Fayulah2683d ago

I've submitted it under rumor although it is more then it. If you ask me, it should be news since technology of GPU already supports multiple monitors on a PC Market

JsonHenry2682d ago

If the GPU is based off the current generation of discrete PC desktop cards then it could easily be Shader Model 4+ and DX11. Which would be HUGE because of tessellation alone.

ProjectVulcan2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

The Radeon HD 4 series is 4.1 compliant.

4.1 is now over 18 months old however, with DX11 and SM5.0 being the latest specification. If true this would also lend weight to the idea that the GPU were to be based on th R700 radeon generation.

arjman2682d ago

Apparently it's based off the R7** (ATI 4*** series) so DX11 is doubtful

JsonHenry2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

I didn't know it was rumored to be based off of the R700 series. If it is then DX10.1 is better than none regular old DX9 any day. (or is it only 10 and not 10.1 compliant? Can't remember) Just no Tessellation. And that feature alone can make a regular looking game come to life.

DeadlyFire2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

DirectX 11 is fully compatible with any DirectX 10 hardware. ATI 4000 series is included in that. Likely with a customized GPU its likely DirectX 11 level ready.

Its very likely Microsoft's console will be the only console with DirectX 11 API on it though.

Nintendo and Sony typically avoid DirectX on their consoles.

PS3 and Wii both use a modified form of Open GL ES with specific forms to their consoles.

Fishy Fingers2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Probably struggle to send out 4 independent signals (video feeds) wirelessly, although I suppose technically possible. Clearly 1 of the 4 is designed to be your TV, unless it's just some 4 player mini-game type thing. But I dont see it, 2 max.

fluffydelusions2683d ago

I agree. Streaming to four different devices and the game running would be pretty demanding. Though it really depends on the hardware which we still don't know much about.

Active Reload2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )

They said it has a Eyefinity type technique that allows up to 4 monitors to be used but the visual output of those screens would only be 480p max, although, I guess if the technique was applied to 4 controller screens, the resolution might be a little higher.

jack_burt0n2683d ago

umm no, it is n4g so u can post what you like, but no nintendo have stated how the system works.

BeastlyRig2682d ago

Amazing!! 4 controllers? just wow!

Quagmire2682d ago

replace the "could" with "should"

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