Is Halo Really Being 'Milked'?

Liam, of, writes: "E3 brought some pretty big announcements with it during this years show, one of the biggest being the double whammy of a brand new Halo game, along with a HD re-release of the game that started it all. Fans were overjoyed when the news dropped that their favourite Green-Armoured Space Spartan would be making a comeback, but as always there were people - like the spoilt brat at a party - who had to go and stick thier fist in the cake and ruin everyone's fun."

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Vega752687d ago

GT's,R&C,GoW,FF all say hi

Protag222686d ago

Is that Gears of war, or god of war? :P I'm guessing God, since gears isn't even at a trilogy yet.

dp2774072686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

I'd add some more in there for you but I cant think of any microsft exclusives besides two, I mean of course there's more just like I can only think of 6 ps3 only titles but know there's more.

Ehhh who cares, if the games are fun let em make em, theres games I wish I could play more of that done exist now and not because they sucked, oh and on more halo news for only 1000 power up points at gamestop you can get halo 3 for 5 bucks not bad.

Keith Olbermann2686d ago

Why not. Its a great franchise and people will still buy it.

Convas2687d ago

We JUST had one of these articles yesterday. How many times can you argue the same damn point of view?

Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

Protag222686d ago

uh... twice?

So my point of view doesnt have as much of a right to be expressed as someone elses on this site then?

Also, when i submitted this article, it came up with no similar articles.

TheKindRoost2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

Halo is a multi-million dollar franchise, milking comes with the territory. Just like most of nintendo first party titles, GT, Madden, FIFA, MLB, NBA, UC, God of war, rachet & clank and etc...

Pandamobile2686d ago

No. I don't see yearly Halo refreshes, do you?

Godmars2902686d ago

But there have been dual Halo related releases within a year.

Pandamobile2686d ago

It's still not a yearly cycle.

theonlylolking2686d ago

It is milked. There is very little improvement over each release just like COD.

Protag222686d ago

That not 'milked', since each release is still of high quality.

2686d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.