X-Men Destiny Preview (CBR)

The X-Men are back. Sort of. New characters enter the fray and Silicon Knights takes over development for this remarkable new adventure.

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MWong2684d ago

This writer lost a lot of credibility with me when he wrote "development team behind memorable games like ... and "Too Human" on the Xbox 360" Too Human a memorable game is he serious? I honeslty don't know what to make of this game yet. I guess I'll have to wait for more information about this one and hopefully the gameplay gets better.

TheDCD2684d ago

Eternal Darkness was the memorable one, THEN separated by Too Human. Seriously, that game...ugh...

DevilishSix2684d ago

I think this looks underwhelming and I predict poor reception to this game on launch, based on the in-game footage I have seen so far.

Anderson82684d ago

yea it looks pretty generic.. i was interested when i thought you could make your own custom character but seeing as thats not the case i'll probably give it a miss

TheDarkness2684d ago

Its gonna suck, Activision is behind this.