Best Buy sale offers L.A Noire and others at ridiculously cheap price

Best Buy’s put up a lot of things on sale, and some of them are as recent as Team Bondi’s L.A Noire, which you can net for a mere $39.99. There’s a lot of other mouth-watering deals including Brink, Mortal Kombat for $39.99 and Fallout: New Vegas for $19.99 and Dragon Age 2 for $39.99

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solidsnake2222866d ago

Not bad deals, but far from ridiculous.

subtenko2866d ago

I still wont buy the game...

Solid_Dave2865d ago

Fallout: New Vegas for 20 bucks!? That game needs to be at least $30. And why is L.A. Noire $40? Thats also dumb! L.A. Noire is a great game with an original idea. People are just hating on it cause its not the same type of game as Rockstar's previous ones. It deserves $45 at least!