Airline Tycoon Makes A Return Flight For A Second Game With This Trailer

Come fly with me back to E3 - we still have plenty of content there to get through and I've got here a trailer for the next Tycoon simulation: Airline Tycoon 2. Airline Tycoon sold very well for the PC around ten years ago, fans of the original game have been waiting a long time to see an Airline Tycoon sequel jet its way into their local stores. Looks like the wait is finally over.

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Cwalk8162686d ago

Although I kinda hate the gameplay I have never been able to resist tycoon games ever since I was younger.

JakePayne2686d ago

Same. I cant count the endless hours I've spent on Lemondade Tycoon 2

pungello19882686d ago

Never go into the Tycoon games but I had friends who loved roller coaster tycoon

tomragan2686d ago

There's a Lemonade Tycoon? I've heard it all now.. lol.

goodguyswin2686d ago

Ten years? It's THAT old? Man... Wonder what made them dig this relic back up for another game - still, people sure love Tycoon games, myself included, now to see if this will be released for MAC...

poindat2686d ago

Holy crap, this was first announced 5 years ago and was supposed to release in 2007... I assumed it had either been cancelled or put on permanent hold. I loved the first Airline Tycoon, glad to see that the sequel isn't dead.

honestpizza2686d ago

Nothing beats aerobiz for the SNES!

GregoryAllen2686d ago

i stopped playing games like this with Sim Tower.

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