Blu-ray: New Info on "I do Blu" Ad Campaign

Sensing the need to step up promotional efforts behind the Blu-ray Disc format heading into the critical holiday selling season, a group of hardware manufacturers and studios have pooled their resources on a "multimillion-dollar" television, print and online advertising campaign, billed as the largest for the format so far.

"Before we were really targeting the early adopter [with Blu-ray] but now the time is right to really go broad," said Rich Marty, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment new business development VP. "The [PlayStation3] is coming out at $399 now, and while some of purchasers will be into games, we believe a lot more of them will also really be into movies."

The ads reference the quality of full HD 1080, Marty said, and features players and sets that don't focus on any particular brand to remain fair to the three supporting equipment manufactures.

Companies backing the project include hardware manufacturers Sony, Panasonic and Philips, and Blu-ray-backing studios include Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Lions Gate and Warner Home Video.

Magazines targeted in the effort include all of the A/V specialty publications, and mostly entertainment and sports-focused publications including Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, GQ, Fortune and others.

Handled as "a branding campaign," key retailers starting with Target and Wal-Mart are tagged at the end of the first TV spots, Marty said, but other dealers will be included as the ads continue their run.

Retailers will also be supplied with point of sale material, including informational brochures that explain the benefits of Blu-ray, 1080p and the hit movies available.

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RadientFlux4876d ago

I am not at all a supporter of HD-DVD but "I Do Blu" has to be one of the stupidest names for an ad campaign I've ever heard.

damnwrx4876d ago

Just have HD DVD pushing up daisies!


drtysouf214876d ago

marketing for the holidays.

mighty_douche4876d ago

well its that time of year again! do or die, ive yet to see a single ad for HD-DVD, i havent even seen a transformer ad with HD on it.

resistance1004876d ago

i still prefer


But hey 'I do blu' is actually really catchy

Leord4876d ago

Heh, it just seems so desperate, rather than anything else.

ruibing4876d ago

Yep, and HD-DVD just having another price cut with their cheapest consumer model (can't even output 1080i) down to $199 just shows that the DVD Forum (supporter of HD-DVD) is full of confidence.

mirroredderorrim4876d ago

Desperate? I think Toshiba and Paramount have set the tone for desperation in terms of the Hi-Def format wars. :)

Before you label Blu-Ray camp "desperate" Think about how they have been leaning back while HD-DVD camp makes their movies, bought Paramounts exclusivity for 150mil for a measly 18 months. (they could have made that back on Blu-Ray transformers sales, alone)

Have made similar offers to Warner Bros. and Lionsgate in the past.
Lower their players to below the magic $200.

Openly bash Blu-Ray camp in numerous interviews.
Pressure stores to hold HD-DVD; using buly tactics such as Microsofts infamous "sell HD-DVD or we won't be supplying you with vista" technique.

Blu-Ray will probably win this format war, even if the win is shortcumbed by DVD and or "dowloading"

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The story is too old to be commented.