Games Journos: Why do we even bother?

Why go to the trouble of writing a review when they’re as widely ignored as Duke Nukem Forever’s?

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Clipper132868d ago

This isn't even news, just some dude who can't seem to grasp that no two human beings are the same.
For instance this guy probably made A mess in his pants over Halo 4, I on the other hand don't even care enough to watch any videos of it.

The reviews he mentions also seem to lack any understanding of this most basic principle. Someone may still enjoy something whether you like it or not.

thorstein2868d ago

I agree. but, Gamers, why do we even bother with "journos." With but a few (that I could count on one hand) most are just trolls (ie Jim Sterling) and many just plagiarize what has already been reported, even if that is erroneous (ie Credit card info was stolen during the PSN attack. *Before you respond, consider how much you know about it).

Most gaming journalists are hacks.

Excalibur2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

Because opinions are like @ssholes, everyone has one and they always stink. ;)

And on a serious note, we are all on the internet, we can watch vids and read whatever info we wish.
I can tell you in most cases my mind is made up six months before hand if I'm getting a game or not, I don't need your opinion to make my decisions for what I choose to spend my hard earned money on and I certainly don't need your opinion to give me a warm fuzzy feeling about said purchase either.

thorstein2868d ago

You are right. I already prebought Dark Souls based on A) The Developer B) The Previous Work and C) How Amazing the Game looks.

No review needed.