Rain and new Kombatant confirmed for summer release

SystemLink says: "Courtesy of Mr. Ed Boon via Twitter, a couple of days ago we were able to find out that the classic character, Rain, was all but officially confirmed for the new Mortal Kombat. To our surprise, today we've received confirmation that he will in fact become DLC, much like Skarlet and Kenshi before him. What's even more surprising? One more unannounced fighter is in the works along with a few more classic costumes."

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Rynx2681d ago

I really am very excited for MK DLC, I haven't really been excited for DLC in general, but something about MK's revival that I just want to continue supporting.

All that aside, priority for the guys at NRS studios is to fix their Online.

The one DLC I really want from them though is a Story mode continuation or something along those lines.