AiLive introduces new Wiimote dev tool

LiveMove updated to Pro edition, reducing lag and adding other functionality

Nintendo middleware supplier AiLive has updated its LiveMove software.

The new version, called LiveMove Pro, includes several new features. AiLive says the technology reduces lag between movement of the Wiimote and on-screen recognition and improves the ability to create motion-based input ideas.

AiLive claims that its tool is already being used at 'hundreds' of studios as a fast-prototyping tool, and that the Pro version has been built from their feedback.

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john_doe4866d ago

cool... i hope to see some games using it soon! starwars the force unleashed specially, i hope SW uses it

ChickeyCantor4866d ago

sounds awesome =)
although i wonder if its tested on a full packed game ...and not with simulations with primitive poly objects and what not.