Famitsu shares Capcom poll results, developer insight for company's future

Famitsu asked readers what Capcom game they most to get a sequel to, and here's the results...

- Breath of Fire came in first
- Monster Hunter came in second
- Resident Evil narrowly beat Monster Hunter for the top Capcom series
- Street Fighter came in third
- Street Fighter's Ryu topped the most liked character ranking
- Ryu beat out Dante, Mega Man, Jill (from Resident Evil) and Felyne (the companion characters in Monster Hunter)

- Yoshinori Ono said that he'd like to...

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Dart892683d ago

Wtf no Onimusha u sux Capcom??

Fishy Fingers2683d ago

First three words... "Famitsu asked readers". It's a reader poll, Capcom had nothing to do with the results.

DeadpoolBub2683d ago

This list sucks. There's no way that bum Ryu is better than Frank West.

jacksonmichael2682d ago

You're right man. Frank West is one hell of a photojournalist. Hehe.

Inception2683d ago

A new Breath of Fire? do want!!!!!!
capcom, listen to you're fans will ya?!
cancel that stupid DmC right now and gave it to Kamiya / Platinum Games. than annnounced a new BoF asap!

if you do that, than i swear you don't have to hear us whining again!