New screens from the ugliest console game of this generation

A couple of months ago we saw the first screens from Daisenryaku Perfect for the PS3 and 360. And this game is without a doubt the most ugliest game of this generation. This is a also a retail game and not a PSN or XBLA game.

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Kingsora2680d ago

This stays hilarious to see, how can people even have the guts to release such a game. :D

egidem2679d ago

Somebody in the comments wrote "Game of The Year!". LoL

frostypants2679d ago

It only looks crappy because the freaking [insert platform here] held it back!


Kon2680d ago

Duke Nukem forever is already released

Beahmscream2680d ago

This makes me want my PS4 and 720 badly.. yikes

Kingsora2680d ago

Yeah then it probably looks a little bit better than this :P

frostypants2679d ago

Even the SNES could do prettier games than this...

turgore2679d ago

eeewww my cellphone has better graphics than that.

insomnium22679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

The chick in pic 3 is hot. That's good even if all else would fail.

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