Used Console Market Not So Great For XBOX Users

Nyleveia ask if the responsibility of a customer being sold a modified or banned console should be placed solely on the customer or with the retail outlet that sold the console.

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coryok2734d ago

lol sucks, thats a lot of useless xboxs out there now. i had an old xbox that i traded in like a year ago, i replaced the fan in the console myself after it stopped working so i guess whoever bought that console from gamestop has a broken 360 now

fluffydelusions2733d ago

I'd say that's a pretty dick move but I'd rather blame gamestop as they should check void stickers

jc485732733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

i used a permanent marker to fix the void sticker on the ps3 lol, then I got me a Slim.

Blaze9292733d ago

who buys used electronics? Better question, who the heck buys used 360s? c'mon son

femshep2733d ago

not so great for anyone don't single out 1 company everyone takes a hit for used sales

afterMoth2733d ago

Any educated gamer knows not to buy a used 360 unless you have some sort of iron clad 3 year warranty. 95% chance you'll have to get it fixed.

showtimefolks2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

from its original that the old model has so little value trade in wise

but karma is a ***** so if you trade in a system that is about to break and you know it or you fixed it yourself and you knew it was only matter of time than what goes around comes around its quite simple

and its not just xbox360 its every console maker out there.

the only thing against xbox360 s that with so many sku changes from original there are a lot of older models on store shelf(like the one without hdmi,the one without wifi etc,,,,)

coryok2733d ago

sometimes a fan or a dc drive breaks and its easy to replace them, so why not?

then later microsoft releases another new model so you trade your new one in for credit towards the new model. there was no mal intent in trading in something that you fixed. if it was working fine than it as working fine, microsoft is the one that broke the consoles by not letting them go online.

the older ones people can buy used if they want to try out an xbox for 100$, instead of 300$. its good business fr microsoft to allow people to buy used, they dont make much money on hardware, they make money on game sales. the more people playing xbox the better. theyre limiting themselves by this

nopunctuation2733d ago

Buying a used 360 is about a risky as buying a used landmine.

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