Iwata: Wii U's HD Graphics Will Help Attract First-Person Shooters

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says the enhanced, HD visual capabilities of the Wii U will appeal to many third-party developers that were reluctant to bring titles such as first-person shooters to the original Wii.

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wicko2871d ago

It's a shame your controller won't.

iforgotmylogin2871d ago

if anything the controller opens up new possibility's especially for first person shooters.

gaffyh2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

I can't really imagine having to hold the controller up to the screen, and then move using the analog sticks. Seems very unnatural, and will probably start hurting quickly.

By that I mean, you will have to hold the controller vertically so that it faces your TV, which is an unnatural way of holding something. So you won't be able to do it for a very long time.

Fishy Fingers2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Why would you have to do that? The touch screen could simply display weapons or whatever, it could remove the HUD from the screen. It could all be that basic, or in fact, as complex as the devs can dream up. You dont have to hold it up vertically or anything.

Edit: disagrees huh, Ok, you have to hold it vertically. LOL at the worried PS3/360 gamers.

sdtarm2871d ago

idk how ppl think that putting the interface in the touchscreen is any useful at all.

you are just gonna get distracted from what is going on in the screen cuz you have to look somewhere else and if you dont look you may screw up.

and you would have to look cuz you aint goint to memorize the interface for everysingle game. the touchscreen now seems useless in traditional games honestly idk how thats innovation or revolution how ppl is claiming that nintendo did

Skip_Bayless2871d ago

It's gonna be 4th on the totem pole for many people when they consider which version of that shooter they will get. For me it's usually 1.PS3 2.360 3.PC. 4.WiiU.

Fallouts2871d ago

man! some people need to stop gaming and go to the gym...

everything is a bother to you guys... "my hands are going to hurt, my legs might give in from standing so much"

my goodness, what a finicky bunch.

go to the gym!

ProjectVulcan2871d ago

HD graphics? What about online? What use is finally having performance to make HD games when what matters most for COD and BF etc is how good the online service is and what your mates are playing it on.

joydestroy2871d ago

yep, i'm interested to see how their new console turns out. i'd really like some Mario and Zelda back in my life now

sikbeta2871d ago

Forget about the shape of the controllers, WTF they were thinking when they put those nubs over the face buttons?

Exquisik2871d ago

@Fishy Fingers

You do have to hold the controller vertically in order to see the screen on your controller and the action that's happening on your big screen at the same time. If you hold the Wii U controller regularly (horizontally), then you will have to look down on the controller just to have access to the hud and other information, which is an inconvenience considering that you must always be on full alert when playing FPS games especially online. I would never put the HUD on the Wii U controller. Misc. information such as secondary guns, teammates' information, scores, etc. will be much more useful and convenience to put on the Wii U controller. Or maybe a map that can be used as killstreak perk.

Either way, the online features will be more of an important factor to FPS gamers than anything else. They all bought FPS games for a reason, and that's to play online. If Nintendo still uses the Friend Code, then I doubt that many FPS gamers will jump ship to the Wii U.

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Theyellowflash302871d ago

How so? The controller actually works really well with shooters.
- Imagine controlling the RC car in Black Ops with the touch screen instead of on the main screen. That way you can still see your player and not get killed.
- Or mapping a air strike on the touch screen instead of a big old map covering the main screen.
- Even item management, switching classes, and map navigation would all be enhanced by a touchscreen.

Your smoking something crazy if you don't think that controller would enhance First Person Shooters.

Samus HD2871d ago

even if it didn't work
Wii U uses Wii remotes (Wii Zaper) :D

dragunrising2871d ago

I love the controller however it lacks analog sticks and pressure sensitive triggers. Imagine using a slightly larger 3DS nub and you get the idea of how it will feel. Lack of triggers with feedback will impact FPS games as well as driving games. Nintendo needs to change both of these things if they want to attract FPS and racing (sim) fans.

jib2871d ago

first point i can agree with

the next two to me doesnt sound all that better than pressing a button(<easy) to show a new screen. that, as opposed to looking down or bringing the controller up to your face which takes you away from the main screen anyway

wicko2871d ago

Sounds like you're fooling yourselves - to each their own I guess but that controller looks to be extremely awkward for shooters, hell for pretty much everything. All these new control schemes come off as gimmicks that will be fun for a couple days and then you'll be back to the old standard controller/kb+mouse. It's happened to pretty much every controller innovation so far, and I don't think this will be any different.

Theyellowflash302871d ago

If you actually read any of the peoples impressions from E3 its actually really light and standard. It has all the standard buttons a normal controller has. Mapping a RC car to a touchscreen is a gimmick? How? it frees up the main screen so you can see your character. I've been killed a few times when trying to deploy a airstrike. What is so gimmicky about mapping that to a touchscreen. Your blind if you cant see the benefits of having a another screen to free up space on the main screen.

wicko2870d ago

Like others have been saying, having to look down at another screen to see HUD and what have you is a *detriment* to performance.

And wow, you've thought of one or two minor game mechanics from a single game that would benefit from the extra screen. Unless there is some kind of innovation where you actually use the controller's uniqueness for a major mechanic in shooters, something that would apply to most or all shooters, or convince other shooters to adopt that innovation as a standard, what you've come up with is a gimmick.

AEtherbane2871d ago

On the contrary..
Having all your huds on the controller's screen, or even just radar would be invaluable in an FPS.

Peaceful_Jelly2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

On the contrary, having the HUD on the TV would be more useful in a fast paced online match than having to change your sight between controller and TV. Just saying...

Miths2871d ago

It seems to me that you won't know what happens and who just blew your face off while you're busy looking down at the HUD screen in your lap?

I'm neither a huge FPS fan (though I do play them on occasion) nor have anything inherently against Nintendo, but I'm also among those struggling to see how adding an extra screen - outside your normal field of view - can help rather than hamper gameplay in many game genres, particularly fast paced ones.

AEtherbane2871d ago

Think of it this way. your radar is constantly on that second controller screen. In most shooters, you have to hold down a button and disable everything to view the map.
Also, think of this. Like in the future soldier game, or even in something like MWF, you deploy a drone. Now you can control and see te drone's vision while playing normally. Or, you do a drone strike like in MWF, the computer screen is on the controller, so you can still see your surroundings.
I see good potential at least....

Organization XII2871d ago

I already see a future next-generation made of FPS-only games. So long good old generations where variety had a substantial meaning.

nopunctuation2871d ago

The new controller will make FPS games viable unlike the wiimote.

dcbronco2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

That controller opens a lot of possibilities for Nintendo. It makes RTSs viable, it works for strategy FPSs and it would be great for inventories in all types of games. RPGs. Shooters.

Instead of going from pushing a button and making a selection from a wheel on Mass Effect. You just hit the icon for the power you want to use. Or select the weapon you want to go to.

@ L6D7BLU3

They are just short sighted.

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L6RD7BLU32871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

let the people hate, that's all they do is complain about things that they don't even own.

AWBrawler2871d ago

Screw first person gimme some good old third person and Ghost Recon

dubal-e2871d ago

Yep gonna be a first person extravaganza LOL

rawrockkillz2871d ago

I'm more interested to see what it could do with the RTS genre on consoles.

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