E3 2011: PlayStation Vita Hardware Hands-On | DualShockers

Joel Taveras writes, "This year’s E3 has come and gone, and there’s no denying that the two biggest storylines came to us in the form of new hardware at the show. Although we already knew of Sony’s NGP, there were still too many questions left unanswered since the company’s PlayStation Meeting 2011 and even after their Game Developers Conference follow-up appearance. For E3, price point and software lineup were at the top of the priority list, and Sony gave the people what they wanted."

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Danl2681d ago

Hopefully they fix the actual materials before release. And those sticks. Otherwise this is looking pretty pimp.

zinkabass2680d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Joel is just a bit fucked in the head. It is not the first time I noticed it.

249, nuff said.. And it is a beast compared to anything in the market for at least 2-3 years (by raw power),.. and even after that it is still going to be better for gaming, simply because it has more input methods than anything ever made.

And asshole,... it was running on the device and not under the desk... WTF is wrong with you,..? And fuck your Iphone you love so much,.. that is not gaming,.. quite frankly, it is shit for gaming,..

max_byte2679d ago

I would have said it more tempered... but to the intelligent it would eventually translate to "Joel is f00cked in the head", "assh0le" and "f00ck you and your iphone gaming".
People do not get that Sony learned from PSP and DS era and is coming back with a vengeance into the mobile gaming world.

zinkabass2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

I am not defending Vita,.. because I don't know how supported it is going to be in the future,..At the moment the future really looks fantastic,..because they listened to developers, when they were designing the hardware...Really short development times,.. Lets hope for the best,..

I am defending any device for gaming that has tangible-button input method, with which enough complexity in gameplay can be achieved,.. be it Vita,3DS,DS,PSP, Gameboy, Atari lynx, Gameboy, Gamegear or even Game & Watch,..

Touch screen and back pad will really add a lot to the overall experience,.. but they really cannot standalone in 99 percent of the gaming genres,..

jujubee882679d ago

Pretty soon, it will be in the public's hands.

jaizenmonillas2679d ago

I doubt this guy even went into e3 he seems the only person to think like this, others proven major sites already said its impressive and not like the guy saying from this random site. lol

matey2672d ago

He did get hands on time with it and so did a few others that say its abit tacky ect i think its true and i will look foward to Mercenaries 3DS next week proper next gen graphics 4 handheld in full 3D this Vita is trying too hard to be a ps3 which brings me to my point if i want ps3 games ill play them on the 32inch/42inch not a scaled down version on a 5inch OLED rubbish end of 3DS has 2 screens like WiiU the possibilities are endless cant wait 4 Lego City Storys on 3DS/WiiU buying both versions.

MasterCornholio2679d ago

This guy is just hating on Vita

"Anyone who has played the 3DS, I’m sure, would agree that one thing Nintendo got right on their device was opting for the analog circle pads. I was expecting something similar on the Vita, so when I felt that not only did the analogs not sit as flush to the hardware as they should, they are also convex (similar to a DualShock 3), instead of concave (similar to the left stick found on the 360)"

"Another quick note is that the material on it felt, well, rather cheap. It sure looks like a million bucks with an industrial design akin to Apple’s iPhone 4, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it."

"The first thing that you’ll notice when you initially pick it up is just how lightweight the device is. I’m not going to lie, on the way home after the event we (the DualShockers staff) all noticed that the PS Vitas were all tethered with some pretty thick wires that seemed even thicker than your traditional security cables. I’m not saying this to ignite any rumors or anything but the device felt so light that we didn’t think that components were actually inside of the devices we were using but instead in the tables they were being displayed on."

What i could not believe was when he said that the single circle pad on the 3DS is better than the dual analog sticks for the Vita. Many journalist have stated that the controls on the Vita are better than the 3DS. Also the fact that the journalist is trying to tell us that all the demos have been faked is terrible as well.

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