Nintendo Can’t Emulate Sony & Microsoft

Geek Revolt writes "When the Wii U was announced it was quickly written off by some gamers. Here’s a question you might have heard a few times last week: why can’t Nintendo make a console that will give Sony and Microsoft a run for their money? The answer is simple, but it’s going over the heads of some people. Here’s why Nintendo “can’t” emulate Sony & Microsoft’s approach to making consoles."

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Titanz2774d ago

The author explains why in a "business" sense.

iforgotmylogin2774d ago

you should have no disagrees man.

JosiahB2774d ago

Haha, the only people you got disagrees from are fanboys who didn't even bother to read the article. I'm bookmarking this article to show those people that complain about Nintendo selling their consoles for a profit, unlike Microsoft and Sony.

jwk942774d ago

Before they try to emulate anybody right, they need to get their system reveals straight, that ish was horrible and unorganized.

swice2774d ago

Did you read the article?

iforgotmylogin2774d ago

I fear the day shall it ever come if nintendo wasnt in the industry, i dont know what would go on.

even though Nintendo doesn't make anything but consoles, portables, and software.

they have sold over 600million combined hardware units over the company's lifetime

and over a billion in software titles for 1st party titles alone.

yea it will be hard to compete with giants that have resources out the ass but

Nintendo has fan base
they have recognizable charters, mario is one of the most recognized and known faces in the world. and alot more things that Sony just couldn't get, same with Microsoft.
easily both of them are essentially departments in their company's and can get chopped if anything were to go wrong.
Nintendo doesn't have that problem.

its a shame they are the last of a dying breed but im proud of them that they managed to battle it out for so long.

ZombieAssassin2774d ago

I doubt NiN would ever completely leave the industry if anything they would pull a SEGA only they would be way more profitable because of the mario's and pokemon games. I don't see them leaving the console business though unless they don't recoup all their losses for a few gens straight.

gamingdroid2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

The thing is that the investment needed for a console might be more than what Nintendo can bear. Furthermore, MS and Sony understands the entertainment.

Sony have movie studios, music label and electronics.

MS has long history with game studios on PC (read online infrastructure), Media Center and usability.

Nintendo only has games! Even the "supposed" hardcore console, the Wii-U, seems to so far indicate lack of proper online support.

Nintendo has essentially turned into a fun lab, but lacks the proper guidance to make themselves indispensable in the home.

This quote from Iwata completely hits home:

"So, for example with the question of VoIP [for Wii U], I think then what we would like to do is work with them [developers] on how to enable them to do that. But, what we're not going to do is to consider as prerequisite conditions that every game includes features like that because obviously there are some developers who may not want to do that."

Some developers also want to release sh!t games too for a quick cash grab!!!

To me it seems Nintendo would almost be better off being a game developer than hardware makers.

Simco8762774d ago

Fanboy comment. There are plenty of games out there even if Nintendo leaves the console market. You think they won't make third party games for everyone?

Their IPs are timeless, people would play them on Xbox and PS3... and this is closer than you might think

Studio-YaMi2774d ago

Speak for yourself please ! I for one LOVE Nintendo games ! I could never imagine a world without Mario and Zelda ! NEVER !

kramun2774d ago


Lol, they've been outselling the competition for years and you think that Nintendo are going to close doors on the console business and make games for Sony and MS?

Some of you people are so deluded it's unreal.

carajito2774d ago

I don't completely agree with the article.
Nintendo should be careful and mind their money. At the same time I am a gamer, not an investor or a Nintendo owner. Nintendo made a hell of a lot of money this generation, and they did not do bad at all all the previous ones. They do have a LOT of money. I don't see why they could not capitalise on the fact that MS and Sony are not exactly doing so great and come out with a system that would "force" action. Instead they come out with a very risky system. Because no matter how you look at it it is risky and yes you may not sell it at loss, but you run the risk of it not catching on like the Wii did.
That, to me, seems more risky than putting out a machine that blows anything out there out of the water and tells everyone (Casual and Hardcore): "You have to have me".

Valk2773d ago

NO specs have even been given. They havent released any system yet. Amazes me how many people want to jump to conclussions about a console that we know nothing about.. It could blow PS3 awayor be slightly more powerful, we just don't know yet but most devs are saying it is clearly more powerful than current gen consoles. I'll take their word for it over N4G posters any day

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