Media Create software sales (6/6 – 6/12)

PS3 exclusive makes big splash in first week on the market.

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Darth Stewie2871d ago

Wow Japan is really hurting. Only one good selling game which is at #1 (Yakuza) which I expected to be over 300,000 copies.

sinncross2871d ago

You are right. Both Y3 and Y4 hit 350k for opening weeks. Though I think that may have to do more with he Zombie and guy with a gun as an arm more then anything else. I know Yakuza devs like to go overboard but their new one is seriously pushing for a serious crime story.

Ddouble2871d ago

Isn't this Yakuza a spin-off? Compared to the other spin-off Yakuza's, it did well.