Play PSP. Watch UMD. In Your Car!

French peripheral maker Talismoon comes bearing the "In Touch" PSP car cradle. Not sure how in touch the maker actually is, but this hands-free auto mount lets drivers gamers enjoy their portable in the car. Seems as though the product is supposed to take advantage the PlayStation Portable media capabilities like UMD.....

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Marriot VP5874d ago

so you want the driver to be distracted watching a movie instead of driving??

If it's for the passengers why would they need a stand, just hold it.

ghostface5874d ago

Maybe they don't won't to hold it.Lets try to use a little common sence before we type stupid shyt.

Marriot VP5873d ago

Look at the picture ding dong, it's on the front dashboard inbetween the drivers. That's a bad idea.

Boink5873d ago

nobody wants to watch UMD's anywhere else, may as well try the car...LOL!