Dear Child of Eden: WTF?

SG - Sigh… I thought I had made this clear already. Apparently you didn’t get the memo, Child of Eden. Do you want me to hate you? You do, don’t you? I really want to love you, but $50? For that? Sorry, but that’s a bit too much for what you’re offering.

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Wikkid6662684d ago

Probably would have been a great Arcade title for 1200 to 1600 MSP.

I'm definitely not paying $50 for this.

The Meerkat2684d ago

Until yesterday i DID think it was an Arcade title.

I was thinking it was strange that an XBLA game was releasing on a Tuesday.

Wikkid6662684d ago

They are doing the same thing with Gunslingers! Ugh

Simco8762684d ago

Kinect pushed the price up for this game, if you don't believe that then you didn't watch M$ E3 conference.

What's happening to Microsoft is sad. They have a great online system and the ability to play awesome IPs.

Why stick with Kinect??? That casual dollar is too tempting I guess

xPhearR3dx2684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

Yea you're right, Kinect pushed the price up which is why it's the same price on PS3 right?

EDIT: @Trippyaaron Well it would be stupid pricing the PS3 version at $50 for a feature it doesn't support wouldn't it?

trippyaaron2684d ago

well that would be stupid pricing the xbox version at $50 and the ps3 at $20, wouldn't it?

TheDivine2684d ago

I agree a 20 dollar title but i do believe this game has tons of replay value so id prob spend more time with it than most games. It looks addictive and fun to take turns playing so might get it on sale (and finally rab kinect w your shape).

Infernostew2684d ago

So far from what I've read is that the game has very little replay value. From what I understand it only has 1 mode and the only thing you can do is try to get a better high score.

jophus2684d ago

I'm so in the minority here, but Kane & Lynch 2 was around 3 hours, I think. It was one of my favorite gaming experiences ever, and has infinite replayability. If the game is short, but the experience is great, I don't see a reason to bitch about it.

You don't demand a refund on a movie that's awesome but 80 minutes, do you? No, some just want a refund on a shitty movie. If this were a shitty game (go ahead, mock the K&L love!) then a complaint on the game would be justified...but just because it gives you a great time for a short period? Really?

Biggest2684d ago

You don't pay $50 for a movie. Terrible comparison on your part. You said that Kane & Lynch has infinite replayability (seriously, dude?). Child of Eden is a shorter game than Kane & Lynch and has close to ZERO replayability. If it were $8-$12, like most movies, no one would complain.

jophus2684d ago

Oh. I see. You're a 'big picture' kind of guy.

Magnato862684d ago

crappy 80 min movie for $9 > Good 2-3 Hour game for $50

lochdoun2684d ago

I completely agree.
Rez HD is only $10 on Xbox Live.
This game should be a $15 download or at least a $30 retail, not a $50 retail.

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