EA Origin Service To Offer Exclusive Games and Content

Electronic Arts may be one of the biggest gaming publishers in the world, but they're always expanding. One of their most recent innovations is the EA Origin service, a digital distribution service designed exclusively for EA games, rivalling other platforms such as Direct2Drive and Steam. They've just announced that to go along with this new service that they'll be offering a lot more digitally exclusive titles exclusive to the service, as well as offering unique content for games sold via Origin.

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blackhrt862684d ago

EA vs the digital world! An epic conflict that could make or break PC gamers' perception of the company

rmoar2684d ago

It's going to take a whole lot more than just EA titles to get me off of Steam.

pungello19882684d ago

I hate that the Old Republic is an EA Origin exclusive

pixboy2684d ago

As do I, but it won't stop me getting the game...

pungello19882684d ago

Yeah, I'll cave its just annoying

ct032684d ago

You play right into their hands if you buy it on Origin.
If this business model is successful, we will see an exclusive Activision client, an exclusive Ubisoft client etc.

Pro_TactX2684d ago

I won't cave. I like to use Steam's community features and all of my friends are on Steam. I like having my digital games in one place. I recognize EA's right to sell their products where they wish, but if it is not available to me on my favorite store then I will just occupy my time with games that are.

I hate to think of a future where I might wake up one day and have 12 separate publisher applications running in the background because everyone decided to take EA's approach to selling digital content.

caboose322684d ago

Oh god that would be AWFUL!!!

BubbleSniper2684d ago

Steam's community is too much for me to leave. I have fond memories of playing with top tier players and getting the job done without effort regarding almost any game with co-op/multi-player that I have been involved in.

I really hope more companies don't do this, Steam might have to cater more to devs to keep them on the site. EA is letting the greed hit too hard, imo. I hope it fails.

Saryk2684d ago

I said this would happen years ago, no surprise. I still bet that all developers do some kind of move like this.

Think about this:

When Steam sells a EA game, Steam gets a cut. When EA sells a game, no one gets a cut.

When you see a major player doing a move like this, more will follow. Because in the end they can give a rat's ass about the game or gamer, all they care about is that shareholder!

BubbleSniper2684d ago

can't say ai disagree. here's a bubble for the cold hard facts

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