Interview: Ben 'Zombie Massacre FTW' Krotin; First exclusive image

Destructoid had the chance to make an interview with Benjamin 'Cowboy' Krotin, producer of Zombie Massacre:

"Since it was revealed, the crazy new Wii concept of Zombie Massacre has continued to draw bemused glances from gamers. At first, we were floored by the insanely ridiculous idea concerning nuclear warheads being driven into a zombie-infested city. Next came news that, prior to even a publisher being signed on, Uwe Boll had snapped up the movie license rights. Yes, Zombie Massacre is a weird one, but we like weird here at Destructoid.

The game's developer, 1988 Games, also seems to like us, and when producer Benjamin 'Cowboy' Krotin contacted us to explain exactly what on Earth possessed him to throw in his lot with The Raging Boll, we decided to wrestle him into a chair, shine a light in his eyes and make him tell us so much more."

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