DICE to offer clarification to angry Battlefield 3 fans tomorrow

DICE General Manager KM Troedsson has confirmed that the studio is going to offer a clarification regarding the recent spat over exclusive Battlefield 3 DLC offerings,

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smurfz2868d ago

It'll be interesting to see their statement, I'll hold off my judgement until I read what they've to say.

BlackKnight2868d ago

I would really like to hear the them discuss the "specific retailers" issue and the bonus items that you CANNOT unlock later unless you buy from these stores.

Fingers crossed.

captain-obvious2868d ago

im sure they'll change it and make ALL of those only day one unlocks

BlackKnight2868d ago

That would be the BEST solution for everyone. It's not unfair to the player base and it gives a modest bonus for those who want it.

EvilDonkey2868d ago

I am 100% sure that they will say what EA wants them to say.

So be prepared for yet more EA bull.

MonkJammas2868d ago

Hopefully this means it won't be as unbalanced as it sounds.

psb2868d ago

I don't get why people have made such a big fuss out of this. Getting content for free, wtf is wrong with that?

BlackKnight2868d ago

Because of two reasons:

1. To get said content, you can only buy the game at the stores they want you to.
2. If you don't pre-order, it's not just early unlock, 3 items you can NEVER get through gameplay, meaning you will need to pre-order AND do it from a specific store or you are out of luck.

ZeroX98762868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

I'm okay with pre-order timed exclusive. You would get all of what they say for maybe 1-2 months and after you could bought it all in a small fee package(PSN, Steam, Xbox Live). They clearly want to reward the real fans.

But I agree with you, Store exclusive DLC is the worst idea ever. Not everyone got access to those stores and not everyone buy their games online.

No Way2868d ago

The only problem I see from what you said, is rewarding the 'real fans.'
If they were indeed doing that, then why make it store/region specific..?
So, they are rewarding their 'real fans' but also neglecting the 'real fans.'
Not everyone orders from the internet and not everyone can order from UK.

N4GAddict2868d ago (Edited 2868d ago )

DICE and EA sucks.

BF3 had SO MUCH going for it... it looks like a next-gen game, etc.

They ruin it all by doing these stupid pre-order exclusives for frigging guns and whatnot.

Sheer idiots.

@Kon, it was a mistake.

Kon2868d ago

It LOOKS like a next-gen game.

It's not like they downgraded the graphics just because of pre order exclusives

Nodoze2868d ago

Nothing like greed to f up a good release. I despise MS for introducing micro transactions and DLC this generation. Ridiculous that we need to be nickel and dimed for content that is typically alreadyon the disc,and already created. Why not simply include these items for ALL of the fans??

Instead some douchebag at EA wanted to incent pre-orders.

Nice work EA. Just when you had momentum too.

BlackKnight2868d ago

They didn't ruin it, but they gave us a bad taste of what may be to come with future games. That's why we need to show issue with this now before it DOES start really ruining games.

trainsinrdr2868d ago

I wish dlc would just end permanantly.
I miss the days when u could buy a full game without all these special editions or complete editions or ultimate editions or game of the year editions etc.

Killzone3Helghast2868d ago

I'm laughing at the disagrees HAHA just goes to show all the brainless dolts who will buy a game that has been cut in half locked on the game and charged as DLC a month later. Already been done with the BF games: The Battlefield $10 VIP program literaly takes nothing to "install" new maps and we only got the last one like a few months ago I believe. Oh and EA was trying to use micro-transactions with Battlefield Bad Company 1 and charge for guns and attachments and what not till they scrapped it over a huge boycott.

tl;dr version - fanboys will charge their mommy&daddy's credit cards and buy the game anyways because they don't care about the future of gaming

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