Cliff Bleszinski Practically Confirms More Gears Of War Is Coming writes: With Gears of War 3 coming in only a few short months fans of the series are for sure already asking “will there be more?” The trilogy has developed a huge following, and while trilogy’s come and go, its tough to let go of a money machine. Just recently Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski was on hand to show off a demo of the game on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and towards the end of the clip after the break, Jimmy asks Cliff if there will be more Gears of War in the future. Take a look at what the answer was.

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LOGICWINS2682d ago

Good to hear. There are millions of Gears fans across the globe.

otherZinc2682d ago


There are Gears fans everywhere, I'm buying 2 for the co-op.

Why is this a surprise when terrible selling games on other systems welcome sequels to mediocre selling games.

This is good Gears will be back for more, I expect it.

Raven_Nomad2682d ago

What did people think Gears Of War Exile was? I have a feeling with Gears 3 getting so many pre orders and people loving the Gears 3 beta, Microsoft probably locked up Gears for their next Xbox as well.

I think next E3 is going to be the biggie. Xbox 720, Halo 4, Gears Exile and things from Crytek as well. Cant wait.

Inside_out2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

@Raven...Yep, with all the rumors and Crytek practically telling you point plant the next Xbox is here and it's spectacular, I don't see how anyone can't see this freight train coming. remember the news about how EA had access to the xbo 720 dev kit, the rumor was wrong, but close, it was Crytek who is developing middleware for the next gen...same for Epic and 360 fan Cliffy B.

Between the Halo 4 trailer having no 360 insignia and now news that Halo 4 is priced higher, the plot thickens.

Louis_Guzman2682d ago

Dear Cliffy B: Please make more games with buff dudes, but put them in speedos this time.

krazykombatant2682d ago

Yeah cuz gears was just gonna end on this last installment... It would be nice if some games were like that but then again you would just shun your whole fan base.

Example: what if the ending to ME3 was that no matter what the reapers win, I would be a fairly pissed but it would something different. Then you can still continue ME universe but more of a resistance and what not. Make it gritty, you could still do this just have two different time lines.

bestofthebest2682d ago

I think the trilogy ends on 360 and we will see more gears in the next gen.

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