Angry Birds soars over 250 million downloads

It's official: the immensely-popular mobile game Angry Birds has topped 250 million downloads.

Peter Vestebacka (founder of Angry Birds developer Rovio) confirmed the figure to TechCrunch.

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SuperStrokey11232681d ago

I have 3 versions of it on my ipad, all were free. I sure wouldnt pay for the game either...

Kurisu2681d ago

I bought the Mini version of it on PSN, I didn't realise it was free on Android! At that point I didn't have an Android phone, but now I do.

Sunhammer2681d ago

If sales determines how good a game is, then by 360 fanboy logic, this must be the best game ever made.

Right, guys?

SuperStrokey11232681d ago

Most of these are not sales though, they are free downloads. Id like to know how many of these downlaods actually converted into a sale cause i dont know anyone thats actually ever bought the game.

TLG19912681d ago


everyone i know who has angry birds (and i know alot of people with angry birds) has actually bought the game and the seasons versions and the rio version.

im not saying i know thousands of people lol but i just saying i imagine a hell of alot and those will have converted to sales.

i guess some people can't stand popularity.

SuperStrokey11232681d ago

Fair enough, all of this evidence is anecdotal though for both of us. I want to know what the actual sales were.

nirwanda2681d ago

All the versions make more money through ads than any game that has come out for the 360 or ps3 and the profit to dev cost margins will be incredible so yes it is the best game ever make from a business point of view.

SuperStrokey11232681d ago

yeah... i dont think so as it only sees about 1 million a month from advertising on the android devices and Rovio says that ios and android are nearly the same revenue wise...

Meanwhile GTA, COD, HALO, and other huge games are all approaching 500 million to a Billion dollars...

Tempist2681d ago

Your Future of gaming ladies and gentlemen. Might as well sell your gaming stuff right now. Devs are best to pack up and find something better to do.

2681d ago
blink30202681d ago

It's a fun game and it's not going to end the era of console gaming. Enough said.