Don’t Look A Casual Horse In The Mouth

John Catuira, of The Married Gamers, reflects on the E3 unveilings and the bad reputation that casual gamers are given with the news of Kinect, Move, and other casual game releases.

"It’s both tiring and a little sad to think that people act like they’re the cool kids snickering at the uncool kids that just crashed their party. Snicker all you want because the “uncool” kids aren’t going anywhere whether anyone approves of it or not. There will always be a Modern Warfare or Street Fighter to satisfy the hardcore. Come PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720, core gamers will, as usual, be the early adopters with those triple A experiences we expect. That will not change."

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Nes_Daze2866d ago

" A part of that reality is that we core gamers cannot sustain an industry with a long hardware life cycle. That responsibility falls squarely on the shoulders of *gasp* the casuals." -from article
Yet take core gamers out of the equation and you would have the shittiest games of any gen. Casuals are just as important as core gamers. Core gamers will carry quality on their backs, casuals will carry most of the sales. Why? Casuals don't look at reviews, or word of mouth. Quality is almost nothing to casuals, which is why core gamers get pissed when they see too much of kinect or Move.

gamingdroid2866d ago

That is the thing, quality in games is a subjective matter. Take a hardcore game and give it a casual, they will throw it right back at you.

Your opinion is no more worthy than theirs.

However, if you are open enough to enjoy both then you suddenly have at least twice the library of games to choose from.

From time to time, I will enjoy Kinect Sports or Wii Sports Tennis.

Nes_Daze2866d ago

I don't dislike casuals, but realize their place in this gaming industry like you realize that of the core gamer. Casuals can drive sales faster and higher, but they don't know much about quality.