Saints Row The Third won't share Saints Row 2 PC problems

Saints Row The Third PC version will not share the same problems as Saints Row 2's, according to developer Volition.

It is being developed alongside the console versions by the studio itself, unlike Saints Row 2, was which slammed for frame rate and visual issues.

"The primary thing we're doing with the PC version this time around is that we're doing it internally," associate producer James Torbit told Digital Spy.

"Volition has made PC games before, it's our history, it's our bread and butter, we know how to make PC games, so we're going to do that right now.

"It's happening right now in-house simultaneously, and those issues and problems and things that were part of Saint's Row 2 PC will not be a part of Saint's Row PC, and it's important for us."

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rabidpancakeburglar2734d ago

How can you develop a game for the PC with bad frame rate and visuals? Surely the power of PCs would make it fairly easy to make those good.

Voxelman2734d ago

Bad optimisation so even on high end hardware you get performance an visual issues is common in a lot of console ports, that and lack of customisation in graphics settings can also lead to performance issues for the majority of PC gamers that didn't buy/build a top of the line rig in the last 6 months.

Theo11302734d ago

Saint row was fun on xbox, SR2 was meh, too much fluff and it crashed on me way too much. I want a silly gta, like Crackdown on pc, if they can deliver that kind of thing then they'll have my cash