TGV @ E3: BioShock Infinite Demo Impressions

Irrational Games has offered a small glimpse to the world in what's coming for the BioShock series. Are you ready to reach for the sky?

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Herminator2683d ago

So would you say that Infinite is a case of reviving a dead horse?

Sidology2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I would have said that if BioShock continued in Rapture, it would've been dead in the water.

Sky's the limit now.

edit: ohgodthepuns

RustyMagus2683d ago

Is there any way I can report you two for excessive punusage or something?

Because that was just too damned much.

Karuto2683d ago

One of my real regrets is not being able to see the demo for this game, or at best getting my hands on a demo. Looks good.

Sidology2683d ago

You think so? There was a lot of good stuff this year.

Rhezin2683d ago

as much as I want to say game of show I can't, Sidology's right there was wayy too many contenders