inFamous 2 review (Digital Spy)

Digital Spy writes: "There can be no doubt that InFamous 2 surpasses its predecessor. Everything from the graphics to the gameplay has been amped up significantly and the end result is an excellent sequel. This could easily have attained classic status with a little more refinement, specifically where the level creation mechanic is concerned. The option of online multiplayer would also have fitted in well, considering there are now other superpowered character in the series roster, and Move support would have gone hand-in-hand with the new melee combat. That said, it's still a thoroughly enjoyable game that left us eager for a third instalment."

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dinkeldinkse3317d ago

I don't see how this would help inFamous 2 be a better game.

StanLee3317d ago

I know right. When multiplayer isn't offered it's a negative but when it is and it does fit it's tact on! SMH! You just can't win with reviewers.

nopunctuation3317d ago (Edited 3317d ago )

edit wrong article. Dont know how that happened.

dinkeldinkse3317d ago

I am assuming you post in the wrong article.