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VGW: Takashi Iizuka is the producer of Sonic Generations. He has a crucial, long-standing history with Sonic Team. Apart from being lead designer on the whimsical Nights into Dreams (Sega Saturn, 1996), Iizuka was the senior game designer on Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and directed both Sonic Adventure games on the Dreamcast. In fact, Iizuka designed many of the memorable levels from Sonic’s Dreamcast adventures. He produced 2010′s Sonic Colors. Outside of general character supervision, though, he had very little involvement with Sonic and the Black Knight or Sonic and the Secret Rings. To faithful Sonic fans soured by the recent “next-gen” outings, these are very important observations.

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Jack-Dangerously2774d ago

*Rolling around at the speed of sound....*

They really can't get me any more excited than I was when they showed the City Escape footage.

Can't wait to see the full Zone reveal. :)