Prey 2 E3 2011 Demo Impressions (

Dealspwn: "Killian Samuels is a US Marshall on the trail of a fugitive when the ill-fated Flight 6401 is swept up in the events of the first game. After waking up on the surface of an alien world, he exchanges fire with some mysterious armoured assailants and is quickly subdued by a vicious electrical bolas. Regaining consciousness, Killian realises that he’s been on the planet for several years and carved himself a reputation as a fearsome vigilante bounty hunter. Discovering exactly how he did so, whether he’ll ever be able to return to Earth along with the reasons behind his latest bout of amnesia will provide the driving force behind the game’s storyline. And apparently he’ll meet Tommy along the way."

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Seriously, this Jon Benjamin add is annoyin the hell outa me!