Final Fantasy Dev Comments On Console Bias, XIII-2 Over 40hrs Long

Final Fantasy XIII was hated more than it was liked. Gamers loathed the "western" tone Square-Enix inserted into the bonafide JRPG, and the results were catastrophic. Yes it sold well, but many fans have vowed not to purchase the sequel after what most deem a failed effort. Yet the publisher's trying hard to appeal to fans by using the same engine (Crystal Engine) which powered Final Fantasy XIII in an effort to elude console bias, and have built XIII-2 around fan feedback. It's also over 40hrs long, and that's without side quests.

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nickjkl2683d ago

i would like to add that varys from person to person

that is if they are saying it took less than 40 hours to complete 13

which it took me more than to complete 13

and then its taking me 130+ hours to platinum it

Kon2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I'm still yet to finish XIII. I'm on the last disk, but i'm far from the end i think.

Why the disagrees? Did i said something wrong?

2683d ago
hay2683d ago

Ever heard of Xbox 360?

Ddouble2683d ago

Your not the only one who got confused for a second.

user28971562683d ago

a 40hour long interactive movie? No thank you.

ZombieAssassin2683d ago

I would of preferred a 40 hour long interactive movie over FF13.

SuperStrokey11232683d ago

Sweet! Ive always complained that crappy games were too short, now i can slog through a crappy game thats long! Gee we sure are lucky to be graced with this one!

Peaceful_Jelly2683d ago

the tittle say: "Dev Comments On Console Bias" but the ones talking about that are game-thirst themselves not the devs. Square just said that all versions will be equal due to the engine being good for a multiplat environment.

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