Fox News: After 15 Years, Was Duke Nukem Forever Worth the Wait?

Fox News: After more than 15 years, the wait is over. Duke Nukem Forever has finally arrived. But was it worth the wait?

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MysticStrummer2686d ago

I wasn't waiting, but if you give review scores any attention and any weight in your game purchase decision making... no.

Rynx2686d ago

Can the media get a little creative with these headlines? I mean seriously, is it too much to ask for? You would think that some "journalist" who are aware of such sites like N4G, can see the countless headlines with the same elementary structure and think to themselves "hmmm I don't want to write something like that."

We got that nauseating treatment with GT5 and the infinite number of "With x years in development, was it worth it?"

Now you're telling me, people can't think of better ways to depict Duke Nukem's cycle? Guess not.

RedDead2686d ago

I don't understand Fox news, one minute they're calling Mass effect a dirty Porno, the next they called Duke nukem an instant classic?

-MD-2686d ago

As if anybody actually waited 14 years for this to release. People stopped caring a long time ago. When I eventually play it I'm going to play it as a normal Duke game not a Duke game 14 years in the making.

I have no ridiculous expectations.

femshep2686d ago

no i bought alice and am loving i get to replay the first one for free as well so 60 bucks was so worth it

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The story is too old to be commented.