First Two Hours of Duke Nukem Forever with Commentary (GameBlurb)

GameBlurb writes, "Last night on GameBlurb (((On Air))) we checked out the long awaited Duke Nukem Forever to see if the game could live up to 12 years of hype. We’ll in short, it didn’t, but to be honest we had some fun with The King. Sure the game has its fair share of issues such as ugly graphics, absurd storyline, janky collisions and other glitches…but even with all of its shortcomings I found myself having fun with it. I guess the reason for this is because I went into the game with very low expectations. It’s like going to see a B movie knowing what you are getting yourself into."

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jaidek2685d ago

Caught some of this stream last night and it was highly entertaining. While Duke might not be the game we all hoped for, it is still pretty cool that it was released in the first place. So I wonder if there will be more adventures for Duke in the future.

Stakenborg2685d ago

Still feels too little too late with this one. The edginess of the original Duke Nukem just can't be matched this day in age.

DankJemo2685d ago

The game does look like it offers nothing but a fun time, blasting apart pig men and crazy aliens, but there is no way the game could have lived up to the hype, even if the Duke were completely re-invented while he was gone. It's a standard, no-frills FPS, I don't know what people really expected. Glad to see that some people are having fun with it rather than just destroying the game for not living up to their, completely ridiculous expectations.