3DS Ocarina of Time: Robin Williams and daughter Zelda Commercial

If there's anyone that will convince the people to buy the 3DS' Ocarina of Time, it's going to be Robin Williams. Check out him and his daughter Zelda in this brilliant marketing play by Nintendo:

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Lyle913312d ago

Corny, but still pretty funny.

SilentNegotiator3312d ago

Is that beard for a part, or has he become a hermit?

Oldman1003312d ago

You're both pretty magiKULL


Can't unhear

TXIDarkAvenger3312d ago

Yeah that was a bit cheesy but pretty awesome for them to be Zelda fans.

TruthbeTold3312d ago

Priceless. Corny with a thick layer of cheese, but priceless. :)

Theyellowflash303312d ago

Yeah it was corny but well put together.

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The story is too old to be commented.