Top 5 Games That Pulled a No Show at E3

GPT: "The worst part about E3 is when titles you know that will be there or should be there fail to attend. These titles were announced prior and shown off briefly at a previous E3. You wait a year to see them again only to find out they entered the witness protection program. The following are five games that were previously announced but not at E3."

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Raichu503654d ago

Where was Beyond Good and Evil 2?

GunShotEddy3654d ago

Like a fool, I hold out hope every single year for Shenmue 3 like Sega is willing to make their fans happy.

TheLastGuardian20103653d ago

Way to many expected games were no shows...

The Last Guardian
Beyond Good & Evil 2
David Cages New Project
Gurrilla Games New Ip
Sony Santa Monica New Ip
Kojimas Next Project
FF Versus XIII

I mean the list can go on and on. What we saw at e3 was just a quarter of all the games that are supposed to be released in the near future.


i am alive is a fucking huge one for me.

3653d ago
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