Nintendo of France confirms Xenoblade for September, hopes for Last Story/Pandora's Tower NA release

Minel Mathieu, director of marketing at Nintendo France, gave an interview to the website Gamekyo in celebration of E3 2011, where he was asked, among other things, the arrival of Xenoblade Chronicles The Last Story to Europe. Minel also mentioned in their statements to Pandora's Tower, the game was not asked at any time...

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jacksonmichael2680d ago

There's a Nintendo of France? Cool. Anyway. Localization is a huge problem in game release windows these days. Remember all that waiting for Pokemon Black and White? Lol. I don't understand why localization can't be done concurrently with development.

Omega Archetype2680d ago

I hope Xenoblade and The Last Story both come to US/EU!

Spenok2680d ago

Agreed, please make this happen Nintendo!

Relientk772680d ago

Xenoblade for North American release!