Forza dev: We're 2 years away from new Kinect genres

Forza Motorsport 4 game director Dan Greenawalt thinks it'll be another couple of years before we start seeing the real fruits of Kinect.

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Stealth20k2685d ago

what like fitness rpg? or something like that

WhiteLightning2685d ago

I think the majority of gamers don't care about seeing the "real fruits" of Kinect, especially by then.

Want to see a real fruit, here you go

AAACE52685d ago

I think most people who buy into these motion controllers like it for the novelty. But some actually expect a lot from them.

BeastlyRig2685d ago

thank god! I will buy a sony console in two years then..

AAACE52685d ago

Save yourself the trouble and buy one now! Lots of games coming out! Be a multi-console owner like a lot of us!

additup282685d ago

unless they start including a little nunchuk/analog type controller, i dont see how new genres can happen. maybe onrails extreme speech and jumping jack challenge?

Ducky2685d ago

I'd figure they could have something similar to WarioWare Inc.

... though they'd have to get the detection spot on.

bumnut2685d ago

I think kinect only games will not be very good, I would rather see more voice control, head tracking and gestures included in games.

It would be pretty cool signalling your squad to flank left using hand signals in a shooter, or maybe a game where you are hiding from a monster and you really do have to stay still and keep quiet or it will detect you.

ShoryukenII2685d ago

That's not a bad idea. Your hands would be on your gun (or controller) and maybe you could point at things and yell. If the character does what it should, then this could be cool. It'd only be good for a teambased shooter though. Otherwise your teammates would run right passed you. As far as I know, 360 doesn't have a teambased shooter exclusive...yet. ;)

Inside_out2685d ago

He's talking about a new console with the original powered Kinect. New console Holiday 2012, right after the Mayan pole shift...o_O

mark01922685d ago

Yup, just add USB 3.0 to it.. and it's good to go another generation :)

THWIP712685d ago

Hey...that's my secret "move" in the bedroom! Who told your?!

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