Publishers need to trust developers

In this article, Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion, speaks on levels of trust that must be established between publishers and developers:

"When Alien vs Predator was presented to us in the 1990s we grabbed the opportunity with both hands. The entire studio was a buzz of ideas and directions for this unique game and we were determined to create something very special.

The funny thing was that during this period, the AvP brand as it was known was in its infancy. There was a series of comics but that was about it. What we did have, however, were two incredibly popular franchises which had been 'fused' together.

We were never going to reinvent the wheel, both franchises were too important. But we researched everything we could: the characters, their universe and the capabilities of Atari's new Jaguar console. The result was that we could bring a raft of new ideas to the publisher that fitted perfectly, that contributed and in essence, improved the final product and the AvP brand as a whole..."

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