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The Return of the Duke!
Playstation 3 version tested.

Duke Nukem Forever after many years has been able to shed light on the console, proposing that sarcasm and fun typical of his character. Expectations see onscreen a masterpiece or truly product were many but defects that undermine entire gaming experience are so numerous that make Duke Nukem Forever unfortunately a title barely sufficient. Presenting in this generation console a game with compartment graph backlog, a resounding sore cured, a structure gameplay old mold that in these years is outclassed kinds shooter new generation harms his detriment prejudice only excellent longevity that is around 20 hours gaming and charism del Duca but gradually is overshadowed when footnote like product is globally sore curate. Duke Nukem Forever not is undoubtedly game everyone expected but can give anyway some that fun that donated once.

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