Wii U Can’t Play DVDs, Let Alone Blu-rays

It does not "warrant the cost involved to build that functionality."

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movements2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Sad. I thought this was revolutionary - but Wii U might be the beginning of the end for Nintendo.

qface642683d ago

riiiight because we've only heard that about a million times at this point

DarkCharizard_2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

I already have a few dvd & bu-ray players at home. And I don't really expect my Nintendo machine to do anything but play games, because that's what Nintendo's all about!

I_find_it_funny2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

another box not checked Reggie?

CrazyForGames2683d ago

people are still complaining at this point in time that a nintendo console doesn't play DVD's?

did i just go back in time to the year 2000
next im gonna hear people complain that salt water is too salty

come on now after 11 years some of you guys are surprised? duuuur

RedSky2683d ago

As far as DVDs, everyone has a DVD player now, surely.
For Blu-rays, right now Netflix is already the biggest bandwidth user in the US. This is before the Wii U is even released. Given it 2 or 3 years into the next console lifecycle and this will become as important as having a floppy drive on a modern PC.

gaffyh2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Even if you have a dvd player, it should still have that functionality. I had a DVD player as well, and when it broke, I could play my DVDs on my PS3 and 360. If the PS3/360 didn't have DVD playing functionality, I would be in a bit of a predicament wouldn't I?

Nintendo are so damn cheap, how much can it cost to include this feature, it's probably a miniscule amount.

EDIT: Just read some details on it, apparently seems that Nintendo aren't certifying the drive so that it is cheaper. So even though it is a blu-ray, it won't be certified so it can't use dual layer discs or play dvd or Blu-ray movies. Stupid move imo, adding Blu-ray movie playback would be hugely beneficial.

Samus HD2683d ago

but it could be better ( an additional ) a +
why not play DVD or Blue ray

RedSky2682d ago (Edited 2682d ago )


By that logic we should have 2 of everything at the very least. Hugely wasteful if you ask me.

It's why you can't buy a phone nowadays without at least a cheap-ass camera in it. What if I don't want to waste money buying things I don't need? No choice nowadays. I'm glad Nintendo is not choosing to waste my money unnecessarily.

n4f2681d ago

Do you realy need dvd or blu-ray play back?
logically,nintendo wouldnd help the rival getting more money from them
and secondo do you really want to pay extract to watch dvd? i got blu-ray on my latop ididnt even play it beside its a game console its main feature should be laying game not watching movie or picture

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sinncross2683d ago

I could understand bluray to some degree, but surely DVD costs are cheap enough to implement?

Though i get the reasoning, with people having these devices.

Still, I think DVD should at least be used.

Muletroid2683d ago

I THINK its because to license dvd they would have to be paying an annual fee wouldn't they and at this point in time what is the point?

garos822683d ago

i think its a missed opportunity to be honest. the very least it should play dvds. i mean come on its got a screen on the controller, how nice would it be to watch dvds on it in your room,toilet,kitchen etc. anyways im aware its a game console but in this day an age people dont really want single function devices when they can be so much more

nikola9872683d ago

Who watches DVDs now? And imagine it in a year.. Anyone who wants bluray will get it by then.

Merivigian2683d ago

I can't even count the number of DVD players in my house any more. The fact is, its a gaming system, what do you expect it to do?

jadnice2683d ago

Silly human... if in 2011 you do not have the ability to play dvds or blu-ray media in your home then maybe you need to think about disposing of your vhs player and go to BestBuy and get your ass some new technology for your living room... yes that also goes for your cassette player you still walk around with on the street wearing your bell bottom pants and fish tank pimp shoes.

As for me... I already own a PS3 and a DVD player... if I need to watch a movie... I have options. I like the fact they also exclude a hard drive (less noncritical components means cost is down and a very low failure rate cough xbox cough) and I have many external hard drives to use. Plus you have heard of Netflix....

JsonHenry2683d ago

I already have several DVD players plus my PS3 (Blu-ray). Saving some $$$ on this system is fine by me.

swice2683d ago

There ya go. Some sense right here people.

ChronoJoe2683d ago

Not the beggining of the end. Just another hardware flop. Nintendo tend to go up and down. SNES and NES were awesome, GC and N64 didn't do very well, then Wii did really well... Wii U? could be set to flop but might see success too either way because nintendo put themselves out their trying to innovate, and do things differently it's easy for them to miss the mark and not quite provide what consumers want, but regardless like with the gamecube and n64 you can guarantee it'll be a decent console for those who do invest, and have a very respectable lineup of titles (from Nintendo especially) either way.

iforgotmylogin2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

i am officially convinced that the rumor that Nintendo and sony's fall out back when they were making the super disk drive nes aka ps1... it got scrapped by Nintendo and Sony made ps1, Sony put some type of bar on Nintendo to why they cant legally play DVDs and blue rays since Sony owns the medium. its their revenge, look at the facts if im wrong, N64 was cartridge, GC mini disk, Wii dvd disk, Wiiu proprietary wii u disk. Nintendo isn't doing it for fun Sony is blocking them.

the wii didnt play dvds but that was a lie the hacks proved it had that functionality.

And besides I for one dont use dvds if i get 1 i play it in my computer or laptop. i have netflix and streaming on the internet now, all i use dvds to do is backup media and rip movies off of them.

Ddouble2683d ago

"Nintendo isn't doing it for fun Sony is blocking them"

Sorry this made me laugh.

It's to cut costs, I don't know where you got the conspiracy theory from.

iforgotmylogin2683d ago

dont believe the hype.
the next gen after this wont have those functionality either.

call it a conspiracy theory but it makes sense.
sony is behind it

ChronoJoe2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

Sony can't 'block them' they don't even hold the full patents for bluray and they aren't allowed to discriminate who they distribute their patents use, to.

It's something like $10 on every bluray system sold, and .50 on every disc go to Sony. Those figures might be inaccurate but it's something along those lines.

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EYEamNUMBER12683d ago

if i wanted a 4th DVD player for my room i would care but i think 3 in my room alone is enough

as for blu ray i dunno i still prefer DVD's over blu rays ive only bought 3 blu rays since launch the extra 10$ just doesn't seem worth it

qface642683d ago

i can understand blu rays for new movies like transformers
ya know flashy movies like that but others not so much
i saw dumb and dumber 15 dollars for the blu ray and 5 dollars for the DVD
i bought the DVD version myself but it made me wonder who exactly needs dumb and dumber in HD

VampiricDragon2683d ago

i already have like 5 dvd players for every system. Its not crucial

LoaMcLoa2683d ago

It would be nice to stream DVD-movies through that screen, but I don't really mind. The games are the most important subject

CaptainPunch2683d ago

What is this 2005? Quit bieng cheap Nintendo!

iforgotmylogin2683d ago

its not being cheap, they couldnt use blueray or cd or dvd even if they wanted to.

the drives are dirt cheap now so you know something else is up.