Microsoft confirms Halo Anniversary UK price

The confirmation comes after UK retailers priced the game as high as £39.99. Gameplay and Play both had the game listed for £39.99 for pre-order, while were taking orders at £34.99. Usually we'd expect online prices to undercut the Estimated Retail Price.

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Hands Up For Games2734d ago


Im still going to be picking it up Day 1, but felt it would be closer to the £25 mark?

In saying that Asda or Tesco will probably start it around £25, so all good!

Cant wait to play through this campaign in all its HD lovelyness :)

RedDead2734d ago

All I have to say is...Fu** off MS. No one has dared to have a HD upgrade at this price. And most others have a collection for cheaper, not just one game. Disgraceful. This is why I hate MS. Greedy pri**s. I admit it's more than just a HD upgrade but still, same game new graphics.

Grenadan2734d ago

its remastered you clown

Raf1k12734d ago

Are they going to improve on the textures too or just have it run in HD?

Rampaged Death2734d ago

It's running on the Reach engine. Basically the Reach engine is on top of the old engine so you can switch it on the fly.

Frood2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

It's not running on Reach engine. The game engine is the same they've just upgraded the graphics engine. Also Music and sound have been redone but voice overs are the same. The only part of this game that has anything to do with Reach is the multiplayer, 1 firefight map and 6 MP maps.

Croash2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

Well it was shown in the trailer, here are two examples: http://images3.wikia.nocook... and http://images2.wikia.nocook...

Get all the information you need right here:

I'm actually impressed that it's possible to instantly switch between the old and HD graphics by pressing one button, just like in Monkey Island : Special Edition.

Convas2734d ago

Mercy Croash, it looks amazing! Thanks for that.

candystop2734d ago

I just hope they don't screw up the music like in Reach. Halo's original music is what also made the game.

Rampaged Death2734d ago

Even £35 is too much but as I never played the first I'll definitely be buying it. Hopefully I see it drop down to £30.

tudors2734d ago

@Rampaged Death it's still the best one, honestly it's class, the ending especially on the hardest difficulty is fantastic, you will not be disapointed trust me.

orion4562734d ago

In America it's $39.99.
British gamers seem to get screwed so much (although admitedly not as bad as in other countries).
When Super Street Fighter 4 got released it was £29.99, some places were even selling it for £24.99.

eferreira2734d ago

game shouldve been 29.99

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