Halo Anniversary will not fix Halo 1 flaws

OXM UK: "Halo Anniversary developer 343 Industries was initially minded to "correct things that maybe people didn't like" about Bungie's original Halo: Combat Evolved. But according to executive producer Dan Ayoub, the Anniversary team eventually decided to "deliver the gameplay exactly as it was, warts and all"."

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The Meerkat2735d ago


The Great Journey is about to begin. But, when it does, the weight of your heresy will stay your feet... and you shall be left behind. :Truth.

dirigiblebill2735d ago

We'll see if you're still preaching when I stick this energy sword through your kidneys.

/engages Armour lock

Convas2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

They were minded to fix the flaws?

"Were it so easy."

tudors2734d ago

What do they mean flaws? I don't recall any.

Dorwrath2734d ago

Good, remade in the way it was. Thats great in my book.

KingDustero2734d ago

They aren't even remaking the game.

They're taking the old game and just adding a more "HD" looking layer over EVERYTHING.

Technically it is EXACT same game as it was ten years ago. They're LITERALLY adding a layer of "polish," if one can even call it that, to the game.

One can make this layer disappear by hitting a button (most likely X) to have the game look EXACTLY like the original, since it is technically the original. Same code and everything.

IMO they should fix any issues that the game had. Not doing so it just being lazy IMO.

It doesn't bother me much though since I already have the original, so why pay $40 just to have it look better. The MP maps aren't worth it IMO since they're just maps for Halo Reach's MP, which isn't my favorite of the Halos.

Plus some of the maps shown are already remade in Forge and are in MM. So again, why would I pay just for a different look?

I can see why some will want this. For those that do I hope you guys enjoy it!

m232734d ago

I am getting really tired of the forge maps, they aren't as great as original maps.
I think if they wanted to fix the game up, they would have, but that would cause other issues such as balancing, and the halo community would go nuts.

Hooby2734d ago

I kinda just wish they replaced the pistol with the dmr at least aesthetically...just because a pistol shouldn't be the most powerful weapon in the game.

It's just a looks things but eh.

The Great Melon2734d ago

What?!?! You don't like sniper pistols with lots of ammo?

CherryLu-Chan2734d ago

Start to finish, one of the most perfect games i've ever, ever played.

iistuii2734d ago

Too, but after a few play throughs the library was the part I used to start to dread playing, but overall it was a great game.

CherryLu-Chan2734d ago

It is scary, because of the sheer panic coming at you from all sides and the desperation to not only make progress, but in the meantime just to get your back against a wall!

I agree it's probably not the most pleasant level to play in Halo - for all the above reasons - but the sheer achievement of getting beyond it and the sigh when you realise you have.. Priceless!

The Library done badly would be the alien ship in Halo 3. Really claustrophobic, confusing and badly designed mess of a level and the worst level in the entire series.

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