Saints Row The Third multiplayer dropped after it 'felt shoe-horned' previously

Saints Row The Third does not have multiplayer because it felt "shoe-horned" in the last game, developer Volition has said.

Associate producer James Torbit said that it wanted to focus on co-operative play and the campaign, and that competitive multiplayer was a "distraction".

"We wanted to focus from a multiplayer perspective on the co-op, this other co-op mode we can't talk about, and then the sandbox open-world experience, that's the heart of the game," he told Digital Spy.

"In some ways that competitive multiplayer mode was a distraction from that, and we wanted to say we're not going to do that and we're going to make this part of it the best we possibility can. It was a practical decision."

He added: "Maybe we felt like we shoe-horned it in a little bit on Saint's Row 2, because we have these two very different things going on, they're both very complicated, and we just want to do this, which is very popular, the best."

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zeal0us2772d ago

it would probably been similar to APB or crimecraft but without the cashshop or balance issues. Hopefully the co-op and campaign still be good.

LocO_o2772d ago

I notice that the above picture has a guy in cover. How does SR cover system compare with GTA?

GTA cover system was ok but hated when Niko would get stuck to things some times.

metsgaming2772d ago

lol saints row is so much better then GTA IV but the other gta's are better then saints row. GTA isnt what it used to be and saints row is more like the old gta's then gta 4 was.

YodaCracker2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

You have to question the sanity of anyone who thinks Saints Row is better than GTA IV, the second highest rated game of all-time. GTA IV is literally light years ahead in every category from graphics and physics to gameplay and storytelling.

And Saints Row was the sole game I bought my first Xbox 360 for in 2006. I am THAT big a fan of open world games. It was great at the time, but GTA IV is just UNBELIEVABLE. It is totally on another level. It makes Saints Row look like an N64 game. It completely blew away my expectations and wrecked my enjoyment of Saints Row 2 which came out later that year because it just couldn't even come close to living up to Rockstar's standards.

I'll still play SR3, but I just hope the presentation values aren't so terribly poor this time around. And please update the PS2 arcadey driving physics, Volition. They are truly pathetic. At least its in a new city and had a bit more development time than its predecessor.

LOGICWINS2772d ago

"You have to question the sanity of anyone who thinks Saints Row is better than GTA IV, the second highest rated game of all-time."

You have to question the sanity of anyone who thinks that ratings are the ultimate measure of the quality of a game.

metsgaming2772d ago

so you go by review scores to base your opinion on what a good game is? Thats sad, i guess you and many others never played the other gta's when they weren't "popular". If you did you would understand how much of a failure GTA4 was, it didnt even feel like GTA.

BrianC62342772d ago

"You have to question the sanity of anyone who thinks Saints Row is better than GTA IV, the second highest rated game of all-time"

I didn't play Saints Row but I got GTA IV and didn't care for it. They changed it way too much. GTA IV got way too many high scores. A lot of 10s even. That seemed to be all on hype.

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LOGICWINS2772d ago

Obviously you have a MAJOR personal vendetta on this game for some reason. This is the second time I've seen you in a Saints Row: The Third article to point out that its a GTA clone.

Megaton2772d ago

Superior to frigging GTA IV*


RavageX2772d ago

they did better than GTA, so I've no issues there.

Danielmccue2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

What, multiplayer wise? GTAIV multiplayer was way better then saints row 2 multiplayer which is now dead.

you can't compete with 16 player free roam.

GTAIV is still in the top 15 games played on xbox live 3 years later.

RavageX2772d ago

No no, I mean overall fun throughout the game.

IMO GTA 4 was way overrated. Many people including myself pictured the game being a step up from San Andreas, meaning that it would have San Andreas type content and more improved on a next gen level.

Instead we got GTA: Real Life Edition. I'm worried the next GTA will be part Sims, your character will get depressed and refuse to kill people if you don't keep his social level high.

Multiplayer is a different story, I didn't really care for GTA's multiplayer as much as I though I would, I still haven't been able to play certain games because no one is ever doing those. It's always free roam, deathmatch or races.

SR2's multiplayer is the same(though I still run into people whenever I decide to run about, same with GTA), sans races, but what they DID do right was online co-op, which GTA did not have.

Danielmccue2771d ago

Gta 4 did have co op, never played bomb da base or hangmans noose?

RavageX2771d ago

I mean Co-op that can be done during the story. SR2 people could tag along for missions and such.

And those modes you mentioned along with a few others are the very ones I didn't get to play and still don't get to because no one ever does them.

Then again, the game has been out for a long while.

metsgaming2772d ago

Cool love coop glad they are focusing on that to make it amazing.

jsc249jobal2772d ago

Good, hopefully they will make an even better sp experience =)

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