Duke Nukem Forever: Video-Walkthrough - All Levels cleared

Duke Nukem Forever is out and here's a video walkthrough for you. You got stuck in a level? No problem anymore.

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N4GAddict3312d ago

This game sucks beyond anticipation

trainsinrdr3312d ago

Yep no amount of development time can justify how bad this game is. Its basically just another bulletstorm.

starshaped3312d ago

Care to elaborate, i assume you've played and completed the game?

jriquelme_paraguay3312d ago

not needed.. just look the opinions.. A Million Flies Can't Be Wrong

Petro3312d ago

I can elaborate. Duke Nukem Forever is boring, ugly, has a bad story and it even has a full game price tag on it.

starshaped3312d ago

Thats more like it, i'm not that interested in the game, but i'd like to hear more than just "it sucks"

Checkmate3312d ago

Played the demo and it was utter shit. Might pick it up when it's $5 on Steam for the lol's.

Wagz223312d ago

A million flies can't be wrong...hmm what about religion?