Mario Galaxy Impressions

Gameplay(A): All of the controls I explained to you add some interesting effects to the gameplay. The boss battles alone make full use of your capabilities with the Wii mote, but I won't spoil anything for you, I will let you experience that on your own. Other than just platforming elements, there are mini-games from time to time that add a little bit of variety to the gameplay. One, I will tell you about, is a mini-game where you point the Wii Mote at your screen, and feed a creature a certain amount of star pieces by shooting them into his mouth. There is also another part where you click a series of blue stars with your Wii Mote to try and pull yourself to the levels main star. Levels are easy to maneuver around in, just jump in one star, and it takes you to another area, then rinse and repeat the process. Everything else is simple platforming, solving a few puzzles, fighting boss fights, etc. It's fun to play, and will have you engrossed in the experience in a manner of minutes.

Replay Value( B+): I would have given this game an A for replay value if there was something else other than the second player being able to use a Wii Mote to help you collect little star pieces and hit enemies with them, and just collecting the big stars in each level. Other than that, I am thinking that this will be like Mario 64, and once you are done collecting all the stars, that is it, and the only replay value you will have is playing it all over again.

Overall(A): My conclusion, from what I have played so far, is that this will be a game that we will never forget. The creativity of the controls, the unique level design, and exciting boss fights will make this the most in-depth Mario game to date. I will be looking forward to picking up this game, and I hope you do the same.

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